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Are you interested in finding a vehicle but do not know how to go about looking for it? Maybe you are unfamiliar with the automobile business or maybe you are familiar with it but lack the time that it takes to find the car that best suits you?

Are you unsure if you want a new or used car or unsure if you want to buy a vehicle or lease it?

Are you unsure of what to do with the vehicle once it is in your possession? That is, are you unsure of how to register the vehicle or get the plates and inspection etc.?

Getting a new vehicle can prove to be a huge hassle. There is a lot of time that goes into getting a new vehicle—a lot of paper work has to be filled out, there are long lines to stand on at DMV, and a lot of money to be spent if you do not deal with the right firm.

JYD Automobile Brokerage Firm eliminates all the hassles that come along with finding a vehicle and getting it on the road.

When a person is looking for insurance, he goes to an insurance broker. When a person is looking for a house, he goes to a real estate broker. When a person is looking for a vehicle, you come to JYD, the ONLY automobile brokerage firm!

We have professional personnel to help answer all of your questions and concerns. Each of our agents is trained to help clients find the vehicle that best suits his/her desires and budget. JYD eliminates the haggling salesman, who has the gift to gab. There will be no confusion and no ambiguity when you come to JYD. And because our agents are independent, we can offer the lowest prices as opposed to the dealership salesman, who often works on commission. Our agents deliver no-nonsense information; they deliver expert advice.

In addition to finding the best car for you, our agents take care of all the paperwork needed to get your car on the road. You do not have to worry about titles, registration, plates, or inspection. All DMV services are carried out by JYD agents. When we say that getting your car is going to be hassle free, we mean it!